Set up account

Before getting started, make sure you have access to your shared Luca channel and dashboard:

  1. Slack: Look out for an invite to our shared channel in your inbox. This channel will serve as our primary method of communication and we aim to respond to every message within 2 hours or less.
  2. Dashboard: To get set up on your Luca dashboard, look out for an email from us with login instructions. If you have any problems, you can always reach out to us on our shared Slack or Microsoft Teams channel.

Add teammates

Once you have access to your dashboard, you can begin to add teammates. Users can have one of two roles: Admin or Read Only.

Admin users have access to the entire dashboard including managing user permissions, making price changes and editing company goals and settings. Read Only users can view the dashboard, but can make no changes. To add a new teammate, navigate to Goals & Settings and navigate to Team Settings: