Optional: This table contains competitor price data, where each row represents a competitor price for one of your SKUs, for one of your competitors, at a given times.

Time Period: At least 30 days

Why do we need this? Luca uses this information to enforce price constraints based competitor prices as well as input into elasticity calculations. Note that if you don’t already have this data, we will gather it for you.


Unique Constraint: sku_primary, competitor_name, timestamp.

unique_idoptionalstringIf no ID is provided, it will be auto-populated based on the unique constraint.
sku_primaryrequiredstringThis must match the SKU used in the Product Table.sku_1
Competitor Identifiers
competitor_namerequiredstringName of the competitor."The Competition"
competitor_logooptionalstringLink to the logo of the competitor."competitor.com/logo.png"
competitor_skuoptionalstringCompetitor’s SKU."csku_1"
competitor_sku_descriptionoptionalstringDescription of competitor’s SKU."Size XL, color blue"
competitor_linkoptionalstringURL where the data was scraped from."examplelinktoproduct.com"
Scraped Info
foundrequiredbooleanWas the product found?true
in_stockoptionalbooleanWas the found product in or out of stock with the competitor?true
competitor_serviceoptionalstringService which provided this price data."Awesome Scraping Service"
match_leveloptionalfloatBetween 0 and 1, depending on match quality. Should be 1 for products that are identical (e.g., resellers selling the same Nike shoe).1
match_reasoningoptionalstringAny relevant information about how the match was made."Matched based on SKU description on website."
timestamprequireddatetimeRefers to when the competitor data was scraped.2023-01-01 1:00:00