Creating Tags

You can apply tags to your products in the Luca dashboard to create groupings or categories of similar products. There are 3 ways tags are created:

  1. Imported tags: These tags are provided in your source data which we import. Note that we continuously import and refresh your product data. This process will also refresh the imported product tags. Because of this, these tags are not editable in the dashboard itself, and always reflect the tags provided in your source data.
  2. User defined tags: You can tag any SKUs in your product catalog with custom defined tags. You can tag a SKU with a tag that was previously imported, or create a new custom tag.
  3. Luca generated tags: These tags are generated by us to group specific sets of products together. You cannot edit or delete these tags.

Using Tags

There are two main ways to use tags:

  1. Pricing strategies: The main use case is to tag specific groups of products you want to apply a particular pricing strategy to. This can be done using the pricing strategy feature in the dashboard.
  2. Product catalog: You can also use tags to filter the product catalog, to view products with a specific tag.