This table should include records of historical orders for all products in your store. Each row corresponds to one order.

Time Period: 12 months

Why do we need this? We use this information to train our pricing models including calculating the elasticities of your products and projecting future performance. We look at orders at a line item level as well as an order level to see relationships between items within a basket and at a customer-level


Unique Constraint: order_id.
NameRequired?TypeField DescriptionExample
order_idRequiredstringMust be unique. Id of the larger order. This should be the same for all line items in an order."12345"
datetime_of_purchaseRequireddatetimeDatetime when the purchase was made.2023-01-01 0:00:00
Line Items
line_itemsoptionalorder_line_item[]Optional array of order line item objects. You must include order line items here if you are not providing them separately.[]
customer_idRequiredstringId of the customer making the purchase. We use this for calculating active users and measuring new user growth. Ideally, a customer always has the same customer id.12
is_memberOptionalbooleanIs the customer a member/ subscriber?false
datetime_fulfilledOptionaldatetimeDatetime when the purchase was fulfilled.2023-01-03 0:00:00
country_of_purchaseRequiredstringCountry where purchase was made."United States of America"
store_idOptionalstringId for the store where the purchase was made - brick and mortar store id, ecomm region, etc.loc_1
miscOptionaljsonAny fields that we should know about but aren’t in our schema?
delivery_feeOptionalfloatDelivery fee, if applicable
tipOptionalfloatTip for service
total_feesRequiredfloatThis should be the sum of all fees. If there are no fees, it should be 0.1.99
total_order_level_discountRequiredfloatThese are discounts at the basket level and should not include item-specific discounts0
total_amount_paidRequiredfloatFinal price paid net of taxes and fees14.11