This table should include current inventory for all products in your store. You may optionally include last 30 days of historical inventory levels which we can use to improve our pricing models and forecasts.

Time Period: Current

Why do we need this? We use this information to account for inventory levels when setting prices. We can use historical inventory levels to improve our future forecasts.


Unique Constraint: sku_primary, store_id, timestamp.
NameRequired?TypeField DescriptionExample
unique_idoptionalstringIf no ID is provided, it will be auto-populated.
sku_primaryrequiredstringThis must match the SKU used in the Product Table."sku_178"
store_idoptionalstringFill in if stockouts happen at a location level. Should match store_id in the Product Table, if both are being filled in. If left empty, we will assume inventory is available across all locations."loc_3"
inventory_levelrequiredintAmount of inventory on hand at the time of the specified timestamp10
timestamprequireddatetimeSpecifies the timestamp when the inventory level was measured.2023-01-01 8:00:00